Automated Speaker Management

Get your speaker information in your schedule and app fast using speaker portals and assigned tasks. Stop sending reminder emails and get back to work!


Tired of herding cats? Use the most powerful speaker management tools

Do you find yourself constantly micro-managing your speakers? You’re not alone - we’ve found that managing speakers is one of the most difficult things event planners experience. Although speakers won’t change, PheedLoop may just help you change the entire playing field.

Speaker portals allow speakers to manage and sync profiles, slides, live polls, feedback, and event automated task assignments that you set deadlines for. They can sign contracts, purchase tickets, and more!


A New Way To Engage Attendees

All your speakers get their own private, web/mobile speaker portals to manage their profiles, get feedback, and use engaging tools for their session.

Slides & files uploading

Manage polls & audience questions

Automated task reminders


Get The Most From Your Speakers

Slides & Files Upload
Sign Speaking Contracts
Automated Task Reminders
Integrated With Abstracts
Self-Managed Profiles
Manage Polls & Questions
Private Portal Access
Feedback Management


Speaker Management Frequently Asked Questions

How are speakers added to PheedLoop?

There are three key methods to add speakers. First, speakers can be drawn directly from PheedLoop's call for proposal system. Second, bulk data upload. Third, single entries.

Are speaker portals mobile compatible?

Yes, speaker portals can be accessed via any device, desktop, tablet or smartphone. We will soon be embedding speaker tools directly into the event app as well.

When are speakers sent their portals?

Once you're ready, speaker welcome emails (customizable) are sent out automatically. Depending on the speaker profile's completion status, they'll get reminders automatically.

Can speakers see their feedback?

Absolutely, speaker feedback is constantly updated and available right away for review. Details about who submitted the feedback is masked for privacy reasons.

Can speakers upload files and slides?

Yep, at any time they want to! Speakers can add files to their assigned sessions, and edit existing ones. The files they upload are available instantly for attendees via the app.

How are live polls added?

Speakers can add live polls at any time on their own, which are essentially dynamic multiple choice questions with no limits. Multiple polls can be added and activated at the right moment.

Can I assign multiple speakers to sessions?

Yes, you can add as many speakers as you want to any session. Speakers can manage all their sessions, and their co-speakers via their speaker portals as well.

Can I export speaker data?

Absolutely. Speaker data can be exported to Excel spreadsheets, with complete profile and session information. Let us know if you have custom reporting needs.

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