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Save thousands of dollars and weeks of time by using PheedLoop's event registration system, built for modern event managers. Integrated with PheedLoop's full suite of event management tools.

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Boost Event Attendance, Synced with Your Event Portals

PheedLoop is more than a simple registration system. It takes a data-driven approach to automate and optimize your sales process and help you sell tickets to even the most reluctant attendees by tracking leads and automating follow-up.

Plus, the registration system is synced with all your event portals. From your event app, which even allows attendees to manage their tickets, check-in, and badges, to the virtual event portal allowing for access to privileged content depending on their registration.

Streamlined and Efficient Registration Management

PheedLoop puts the ability to manage registrations at your finger tips. Issuing refunds, adding purchases, editing profiles, re-sending confirmations, adding notes, exporting data, and updating charges are just the start.

PheedLoop gives you a consistent snapshot of how you're doing financially, and export comprehensive registration data at any time. Custom reporting and API integrations help you integrate PheedLoop's data with your accounting systems.

Customize Every Step with Forms, Design, and Logic

PheedLoop provides the framework for you to build your ideal registration flows. From data fields and purchasing options, down to custom invoices, group registration, ticket files, and more.

Looking to implement bulk discounts, wait lists, or complimentary tickets? Or maybe promo codes, custom confirmation messages, or private tickets? Do it all, and so much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often are funds from registrations disbursed?

PheedLoop does not hold any funds or financial information. Your funds are routed to your payment gateway of choice instantly upon capturing payments.

Can attendees build their own schedules while registering?

Yes! Enable the option to allow session selection and set session capacities if applicable - that's it. Attendees can edit their selections via the web/mobile event app, event website, or virtual event portal at any time.

Do I have to use PheedLoop's registration system to use its other systems?

No, if you're already using another tool or are in a contract, then all you need to do is import your data into PheedLoop using our attendee import tool. You can do this as often as you like, for free, and even use our API or Zapier to sync attendee records with other systems you use outside of PheedLoop. You can export all attendee information any time you like, as well.

Do you offer badge printing and check-in services along with registration?

Yes! Printing badges for registered attendees is easy and customizable, and you can check attendees into your event by scanning their ticket documents from the event app itself or using our self check-in kiosk systems. We provide badge stock at the lowest rates in the industry, as well as on-site support.

Which payments gateways are supported for event registrations?

PheedLoop supports Stripe by default. Enterprise accounts may get access to other gateways such as Payflow Pro, Moneris, Chase, or others.

Does your registration system provide member only restrictions?

Absolutely, you can restrict attendance in several ways for certain groups of people, commonly used by associations to allow only members to register or purchase member only tickets. Input lists of membership codes, sync with your external database tools to set membership flags, track member codes, and more.

Does PheedLoop charge any transaction fees for registrations?

A 1.9% transaction fee is added to credit card ticket sales. You do not need to budget for this fee - only your payment processor's fees, as it is passed on to the attendee by default. The fee can be absorbed by you, or split between yourself and the registrant in any way. No fees are charged for free tickets.

How do registration invoices and receipts work?

By default, PheedLoop automatically sends invoices and receipts, and you can re-send them at any time. These dynamic PDF documents also include QR coded tickets which can be used to check people into your event via our mobile check-in systems. The emails and PDFs can be customized.

What do PheedLoop's customers have to say?

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