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Streamline Event Planning With Our Built-In Exhibitor Floor Plan Builder

Pheedloop’s Interactive Floor Plan System With Real-Time Updates, Embeddable Widgets, Live Booth Selection, and Seamless Navigation allows you to effortlessly embed floor plans across multiple portals for a dynamic interactive experience.

An astronaut looking at PheedLoop's floor plan system.
Trusted By 4,000+ Companies Since 2015
PheedLoop's built-in exhibitor floor plan showing the booth status,  placements, and numbers.
floor plan builder

Built-In Exhibitor Floor Plan Builder

With PheedLoop’s Floor Plan builder built right into the system, you have everything you need all in one place, from building a floor plan, to assigning booths and specific exhibitors to them!

Leverage our easy-to-use interface so that you'll have a floor plan up and running in no time
Utilize the built-in floor plan builder to add unlimited number of booths with dynamic sizes, custom colors and graphics
Interact with the floor plan easily through features like pan, zoom, and hover
Embeddable on third-party sites, mobile-responsive, and synchronized in real-time with selections, sales, and modifications
Allow exhibitors to self-select or be assigned specific booths
booth management

Sell Booths With Ease

Create, edit, customize, package and sell as many exhibitor floor plans and booths as needed. The intuitive design of the Floor Plan interface guarantees that you’re selling those booths at record speed!

Embed floor plans and allow exhibitors to select booths based on what they want and purchase them in one fell swoop
Allow exhibitors to self-select or be assigned specific booths based on rules that you set
Leverage conflict detection in the Exhibitor Floor Plan selection process to prevent booths being overbooked
Exhibitors can preview the floor plan during the application process or on your event website

Real-Time Updates Synced Across All Platforms

If there’s one thing we know about running events, it’s that things are always changing at the last minute. With PheedLoop’s Floor Plan management system, you can rest assured knowing that all your updates will be synced in real-time, across all portals, no matter what!
floor plan builder

Customizable and Easy To Use

PheedLoop's customizable floor plan system with the ability to drag and drop.
Not only is the Floor Plan Builder super easy to use, but it’s highly customizable as well. We give you the power to control how big or small you want them to appear, and who you want them to appear to. 
Create an unlimited number of floor plans, add booths and assign exhibitors to them
Use our helpful grid system to create customizable shapes, text, graphics and images in any color
Customize the settings to hide certain booths from specific exhibitors
Tap into the auto-layout tool to put all your booths on the floor plan with one click

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More than 4,000 organizations, including Shopify, IBM, Microsoft, and NASA, have adopted PheedLoop to take their events to new heights.

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