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Add speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors; manage them; and automate tasks for your stakeholders—all in one place with PheedLoop’s industry-leading stakeholder management tools.
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contract Management & ticketing

Optimized Contract Management & Ticketing

Professional event planners know that stakeholders logistics don’t end at collecting proposals and slides. PheedLoop helps you manage everything from contracts to tickets and payments.

Send stakeholders personalized contracts and custom forms to instantly sign
Verify stakeholders' event registrations seamlessly using tailored registration categories and tickets
Streamline payment processing for paid speaking opportunities or effortlessly create promotions for free tickets
abstract submission

Seamless Automation for Abstract and Proposal Submissions

Tap into PheedLoop's fully-developed and automated platform to collect applications for all your stakeholders. From submission all the way to review panels and presentation, we've got you covered at every step!

Create review panels, assign proposals, and collect reviews seamlessly
Automatically generate stakeholders and session entries upon proposal acceptance
Ensure instant synchronization from proposal submission to presentation
Utilize automated reminders to track and remind applicants of incomplete proposals, increasing submission rates by up to 50%
Reporting & analytics

Advanced Custom Reporting & Real-Time Analytics

With PheedLoop, you have the ability to manage your stakeholders and access custom reporting and analytics right from your dashboard.

Export speaker data to CSV or Excel, access real-time analytics, and craft custom reports effortlessly
Monitor speaker performance, audience attendance, and presentation popularity seamlessly
Simplify data management and visualization with SmartSight & Advanced Custom Reporting for a streamlined experience
Modernize your event

Strong On Its Own.
A Powerhouse When Combined.

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Panoramic Virtual Event Portal

PheedLoop's Virtual Event Portal enhances audience engagement with tools such as gamification, real-time chat, surveys, and more.
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Customizable Event Website

A highly customizable event website with embeddable widgets, tailored designs, pre-built section templates, full CSS and Javascript support.
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User-Friendly Mobile Event App

The PheedLoop Go! Mobile App is the solution for all your event app needs. It goes beyond the basics and syncs with all your data in real-time.
For attendees, SPEAKERS, exhibitors & sponsors

Stakeholder Support From Start To Finish

Private member portals

Powerful & Private Portals For Speakers, Exhibitors and Sponsors

Tired of coordinating content from speakers, exhibitors and sponsors? PheedLoop’s Portals puts your stakeholders in the drivers seat and allows you to manage exactly how much control they have.

Personalize a private portal for each stakeholder, tailored to their needs
Enable stakeholders to self-manage their event experience, with real-time syncing across all portals
Empower stakeholders to oversee individual sessions, live polls, Q&A, feedback, tasks, and file uploads for attendees
Streamline task assignment and automation for stakeholders, ensuring timely updates with automatic email reminders
Presentation management

Presentation Management to Enhance the Speaker Experience

When it's time to go live, you need a platform that handles everything for you and keeps it all in one place, so you can focus on the big picture without worrying about last-minute details. That's exactly why we're here!

Manage your slides, resources, and presentation seamlessly from a single source of truth, whether it's virtual, on-site, or hybrid
Create dedicated speaker portals for on-site events to manage all files and engagement options for each speaker and session in one convenient location
Access a dedicated Backstage for virtual events, facilitating seamless recording, streaming, and coordination of speakers
lead capture

Boost ROI and Capture Leads In One Platform

With a single click or badge scan on the PheedLoop Go! Event App, you can allow attendees to request information when visiting exhibitors’ booths, activating exhibitor lead retrieval!

Give exhibitors the power to take notes on leads, and even give them ratings to ensure they’re capturing high quality sales opportunities
Allow exhibitors to follow up and close deals whenever they need to, as leads are delivered immediately to private exhibitor portals
Let exhibitors access real-time data for traffic on their in-person and virtual booths using SmartSight
Gamify your event’s lead capture experience to boost traffic and drive more leads to exhibitor booths in-person and virtually
Attendee engagement

Diverse Strategies to Assist Speakers in Engaging Attendees

Get creative and discover new ways to keep your attendees engaged. With live polls, Q&A sessions, pop-up surveys, feedback forms, games, and more, you can make your event fun for both your speakers and attendees!

Gauge how engaged your attendees are in real-time by leveraging live polls and Q&A
Leave the door open for attendees to ask questions post-session and follow up with those who want more info
Utilize our gamification features to keep attendees on their toes, excited and rewarded
Use SmartSight for a minute-by-minute view of attendee engagement and deploy new tactics on the fly
Adjust your approach based on your attendees’ behavior and make the most out of your events

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More than 4,000 organizations, including Shopify, IBM, Microsoft, and NASA, have adopted PheedLoop to take their events to new heights.

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Working With Customers Across All Industries

Easy to use platform backed by an amazing team.
"We have hosted many events on PheedLoop to much success. The stability and reliability of the product, makes the selling of virtual events really easy. The PheedLoop platform cannot be recommended enough."
Andrew W.
Foo Dog Productions
PheedLoop is a fast, easy, and flexible platform.
"My advice to other event planners would be to not be afraid of going virtual because PheedLoop makes it easy to manage, and they have an excellent price point. It was so helpful that they were willing to modify things upon request."
Beth S.
360 Live Media
Our experience was exceptional and seamless.
"We were very impressed with the on-boarding, on-demand and live training, and amazing customer service. I think [you] will not find a platform as easy to use with as many robust features for a very reasonable investment."
Elizabeth G.
Faster Payments Council
PheedLoop is the perfect answer to a virtual event.
"It is an easy platform to set-up, the customer service is amazing and the interface for attendees is easy to use and straightforward. The cost of the platform is very affordable. PheedLoop is the perfect answer to a virtual event."
Beth H.
American Dairy Products Institute
PheedLoop is there for you every step of the way!
"Choose a vendor that makes you feel at ease and will do whatever it takes to help you have the best event you can. PheedLoop is that vendor for you. This is a big reason why PheedLoop is as successful as it is now. "
Stephanie A.
Mining Suppliers Trade Association
Perfect for small teams organizing large events.
"PheedLoop makes it possible for a single individual or a small team to plan a massive event, with very minimal effort. It allows us to combine 4-5 different tools into one easy to use platform"
Kramay P.
University of Toronto
PheedLoop is my “all-in-one” conference kit!
"PheedLoop has become my “all-in-one” platform to run a successful conference. Not only does it help me be more productive and efficient, but the teachers who are using the mobile app benefit from the integrated system."
Carrie B.
Council for Exceptional Children
PheedLoop has always taken a client-centric approach.
"As a SaaS company, I think you are a technology provider first and customer service second, but I think PheedLoop does a great job of being a customer-centric tech provider with people being paramount."
Carly S.
Redstone Agency
A comprehensive platform at an affordable price.
"PheedLoop provides the best of both worlds - a feature rich platform option at a price we could live with. We've received very positive feedback on all of our events. Our customer service reps are always courteous and helpful."
Aysia W.
Northwest Environmental Business Council
Ease of use, including on-boarding was extraordinary.
"If you are considering a virtual platform for your organization's event, I highly recommend PheedLoop. The ease of use, professional quality and budget-friendly cost made our choice to use their services a no-brainer."
Erin L.
Funeral Service & Cremation Alliance of Wisconsin
Quick, easy, nicely-designed, and cost-effective.
"The transparent a-la-carte pricing makes it an easy sell for our clients. We also really loved the responsiveness of the sales rep. The setup of the platform is very easy! It's pretty intuitive even for our non-design non-tech folks."
Aleksandra M.
PheedLoop feels like they are one of the team.
"The strengths of the platform are simplicity of design for both back end and front end users, as well as the great customer service that comes with PheedLoop staff. The feedback from attendees was great."
Ken L.
Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada
The PheedLoop platform is extremely easy to use.
"I can't believe how much the platform has improved over the 2 months I have been working with it! It was a wonderful product that has gotten even better! I just want to thank everyone at PheedLoop for all of the wonderful work!"
Bonnie T.
Evangelical Theological Society
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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of hybrid formats does PheedLoop support?
Just about anything! Your hybrid event can have virtual and on-site components running at the same time, or at different times, and for the exact same price and using the same platform, you can run your hybrid event. We've seen most events split their virtual and on-site components to keep things simple.
What sets PheedLoop's hybrid tech apart?
PheedLoop has been powering on-site events since 2015, so all the critical tech you need (e.g. mobile app, on-site check-in, badges, streaming, floor plans, scanning) are all built-in! Pair that with PheedLoop's virtual portal which has powered over 2,500 events and is fully synced with the on-site experience for a seamless hybrid event. Most companies either transitioned from virtual to some basic form of hybrid, or rely on selling a cookie-cutter platform (usually a mobile app) for both on-site and virtual attendees.
What if I don't know how many attendees will be in-person vs. virtual?
No problem! This is why we've built PheedLoop's tech and pricing to be extremely flexible. The good news is, the virtual portal itself is free for hybrid events, it's a promotion we are running for the next year to help events go hybrid. Also, PheedLoop is 100% pay as you go. The tech itself is designed to work uniquely but without any additional effort on your part for both in-person and virtual attendees.
How does streaming work from on-site to virtual?
Since streaming is a cornerstone for hybrid events, we've worked to provide best-in-class options via a direct RTMP link that your venue or AV team can easily leverage (with automatic recording). You can also use our native Meet & Stream system, our Zoom integration, or any other third-party streaming service if RTMP isn't ideal for you. Plus, you can make your event available on-demand as well and stream for free post-event!
Does PheedLoop offer on-site support?
Absolutely, we've been offering on-site support for years and our team has supported events worldwide. It's $950/day (not including travel and accommodations), and we'll help you with whatever you need including attendee support, on-site printing, streaming troubleshooting, and more. We also offer virtual on-site support at a lower cost, which allows you to get us on a video call anytime.

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