Maximize Exhibitor and Sponsor ROI with PheedLoop's Advanced Exhibition Solutions

Empower your exhibitors and sponsors with real-time analytics, automation, and hybrid functions for unbeatable trade show performance!
Partnering With Top North American Trade Shows Since 2015
built-in design tools

Streamlined Floor Plan Design, Booth Selection, and Payment Management

There are countless event management platforms that go a mile wide but only an inch deep. PheedLoop, on the other hand, goes a mile deep, helping you tackle the most complex expo management tasks affordably, all under one roof.

Leverage PheedLoop's floor plan tools to power sales, management, engagement, and more
Application systems allow you to draw in exhibitors and seamlessly manage contracts and payments
Centralize payment controls and manage expenses by tracking total budget, units, and spending to optimize results
industry-leading automation

Leverage Automation for Smarter, Quicker, More Profitable Trade Shows

Putting on a trade show or expo is no small feat, physical or virtual. Overdue payments, late shipments, floor plans, lead retrieval, loading docks, and endless forms are just the start. We've been there for years, on both sides.

Access powerful private exhibitor portals to streamline communication and collaboration
Enhance attendee experience and streamline check-in with QR code badge scanning technology
Expedite financial transactions and reduce administrative burden with automated invoicing and payments
exhibitor and sponsor management

Boundless Sponsorship Opportunities to Boost Your Revenue and Their ROI

PheedLoop boasts over 20 unique options to promote your exhibitors and sponsors in creative, high value, and ongoing ways.

Learn more about Stakeholder Management

Utilize PheedLoop's seamless integration for managing sponsor contracts and payments

Engage attendees with fun sponsorship features like sponsored backgrounds for streams and selfie photo booths

Maximize ROI with strategic sponsorships including games, logos, banners, one-click session sponsorship, emails, push notifications, and more

Dedicated Solutions for On-Site, Virtual and Hybrid Exhibitors and Sponsors

The world of events has changed, the unique benefits of in-person and virtual trade shows and expos are clear. PheedLoop has dedicated tools to help you and your exhibitors capitalize on those benefits.
Provide exhibitors and sponsors with extensive year-round exposure and lead generation opportunities
Harness synchronized lead capture tools for both in-person and virtual events
Engage attendees with interactive on-site floor plans and live video booths
Facilitate networking and connections with advanced matchmaking features
Modernize your event

Strong On Its Own.
A Powerhouse When Combined.

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Panoramic Virtual Event Portal

PheedLoop's Virtual Event Portal enhances audience engagement with tools such as gamification, real-time chat, surveys, and more.
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Customizable Event Website

A highly customizable event website with embeddable widgets, tailored designs, pre-built section templates, full CSS and Javascript support.
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User-Friendly Mobile Event App

The PheedLoop Go! Mobile App is the solution for all your event app needs. It goes beyond the basics and syncs with all your data in real-time.

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More than 4,000 organizations, including Shopify, IBM, Microsoft, and NASA, have adopted PheedLoop to take their events to new heights.

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