Effortlessly Manage Payments With PheedLoop's All-In-One Platform

Experience unparalleled flexibility in registration, membership sign-ups, and payment processing through our cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships with leading financial institutions.
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Versatile Payments Options

Say goodbye to the hassle of third-party processors and streamline your payment workflows to experience unparalleled flexibility with PheedLoop's versatile payment options.
Offers multiple ways to accept payments such as credit cards, wire transfers, debit cards, direct deposit, e-transfer, cash, checks, and more!
Leverage our built-in payment processing and eliminate the need for third-party payment processors
Enjoy flexibility in selling memberships and event tickets through various channels
Automate your communications by setting up confirmation emails, post-payment messages, and reminders for event tickets, sponsor packages, and membership renewals
Platform Integrations

Working With The Platforms You Already Love

PheedLoop integrates seamlessly with many payment platforms that event planners already use. Becoming a member of our community doesn’t mean leaving those platforms behind; instead, it opens up a wealth of resources to enhance your event management.

Seamlessly integrate with your preferred accounting software
Ensure that important financial data, membership information, and payment records are accurately synchronized between platforms
Don’t see the platform you usually work with? Let us know and count on us for custom solutions tailored to your needs
A graphic of PheedLoop's integration with Moneris, Bambora, Paypal, and Stripe with three circles in the background
A graphic of PheedLoop's Application Portal with the ability to set up contracts
contracts & payment programs

Inclusive Payment Packages

PheedLoop provides event organizers with a versatile range of resources to support and accommodate their stakeholders, tailored to their needs and available as they need.

Offer a variety of payment opportunities to cater to different budgets and objectives
Set up deposit programs to allow exhibitors and sponsors to secure their participation with a deposit, ensuring commitment while offering flexibility
Customize contracts, invoices, templates, automated confirmation emails, and post payment communications based on audiences
Support payment processing via Stripe, Moneris, PayPal, Bambora, and other popular payment gateways for added convenience and accessibility
Modernize your event

Strong On Its Own.
A Powerhouse When Combined.

A graphic of PheedLoop's Virtual Portal

Panoramic Virtual Event Portal

PheedLoop's Virtual Event Portal enhances audience engagement with tools such as gamification, real-time chat, surveys, and more.
A graphic of PheedLoop's customizable event website

Customizable Event Website

A highly customizable event website with embeddable widgets, tailored designs, pre-built section templates, full CSS and Javascript support.
A graphic of PheedLoop's user-friendly mobile event app

User-Friendly Mobile Event App

The PheedLoop Go! Mobile App is the solution for all your event app needs. It goes beyond the basics and syncs with all your data in real-time.

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