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Turn Data Into Results With PheedLoop’s Reporting & Analytics Tools

PheedLoop is a data-driven platform that understands how critical analytics are for event planners to create smarter events. That's why we have several systems for custom analytics, reports, charts and data visualization to take your event insights to the next level!

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Advanced Custom Reporting

Event Intelligence With Advanced
Custom Reporting

Compile all event information that exists in PheedLoop into custom reports with our advanced data management system.

PheedLoop's custom report feature.
Create several report templates
Select different types of reports, filter down to individual fields, and export as an Excel or .CSV file
PheedLoop's downloading reports feature.
Make data-driven decisions
Integrate, automate, and report across all the metrics you care about
PheedLoop's feature for adding custom fields in reports.
Analyze to your preference
Query reports based on countless fields like name, category, or date
Real-Time Engagement Analytics

Gain Actionable Metrics with SmartSight

SmartSight is what makes PheedLoop one of the smartest event management platforms available. It automatically captures data behind the scenes and is fast, user-friendly, and data-driven, ideal for events that aim to grow and improve.

Track 20+ attendee engagement actions
Get data for virtual and in-person engagement, whether they’re separated or combined
Receive real-time updates to help you make decisions on the fly based on performance and engagement levels
Export your raw data or charts in an instant
View historical data to compare results and optimize your next event

View All Your Data In
One Place With Data Visualization

DataViz is one of our newest features and the perfect tool for visual learners and event planners who want to take custom reports and turn them into awesome graphs and charts in a heartbeat.
Skip the frustration of downloading reports, cleaning data and generating charts one by one
Create multiple chart canvases based on different categories, resize and rearrange them in any way you like
Get a complete picture of your event’s health at a glance instead of having to read through endless data
All graphs and charts are real-time synced, and can be easily downloaded for post-event presentations
Make data-driven decisions
API Driven For Future-Focused Events
Secure and easy to use, PheedLoop is proud to be the only company in the industry to offer a capable open API endpoint to manage reporting. With this power, modern event professionals can utilize business intelligence to make data-driven decisions.
PheedLoop's API endpoints for registration, ticketing, and scheduling.
Line graph icon.
Streamlined analysis
Say goodbye to manual exports and imports of data, Excel sheets, etc.
Pie chart icon.
Well-structured analytics
Tap into our API and get instant access to well-structured analytics for your event in JSON formats
Two revolving arrows icon.
API endpoints
Access API endpoints for all PheedLoop data such as attendees, registrations, tags, etc.
Checkmark icon.
All-in-one platform
Achieve integration, data management and automation goals with ease

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