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Events are notoriously complex, but you don’t need a degree in it! Tap into our comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) and user-friendly interface to support your attendees with insightful learning resources. 
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Unlock Modern Learning Excellence With PheedLoop’s Intuitive Learning Management System (LMS)

How Does It Work?

PheedLoop's Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to boost both learner engagement and administrative efficiency. Our platform empowers learning anytime, anywhere, without compromising on quality or functionality.

Experience seamless learning management with PheedLoop's proprietary LMS
Streamline the creation, organization, delivery, and tracking of courses and assessments, all in one centralized hub
Engages learners, boosts content retention, and enhances training programs
Personalize learning materials for certain group of attendees: employees, partners, or customers

What Are The Benefits of Leveraging PheedLoop’s LMS?

Centralize admin and learning tasks all in one place
Provide learners with an on-the-go learning approach to improve accessibility
Enhance learner engagement with interactive features, including quizzes and videos
Flexible and scalable to meet the needs of organizations across a variety of industries
Make data-driven decisions with advanced reporting tools

Learner Engagement

Create an engaging learning experience with interactive quizzes and videos

Smart Administration

Assign courses to certain groups of members based on their preferences and needs

eCommerce Portal

Allow member managers to purchase courses in bulk for all members of their organization

Learner Efficiency

Stay on track with insightful courses and intuitive progress trackers


Award attendees for course completion with personalized certificates

Content Library

Made available for free or limit courses based on member’s membership status

Harness The Power Of Professional Development with PheedLoop's CE (Continuing Education)
Credit Tracking

How Does It Work?

At PheedLoop, we're dedicated to streamlining attendee education tracking and recognition. Enter CE credits – they're badges of honor showcasing your dedication to growth. Whether it's an in-person conference or a virtual summit, our CE Credit Tracking feature has you covered.

Assign Credits with Ease: Simply designate credits to each session of your event to incentivize participation and reward engagement
Monitor Attendance: Keep a close eye on attendee participation and track their progress effortlessly
Customized Certificates: Impress your attendees with personalized PDF certificates that showcase their dedication and achievements
Insightful Data Reports: Dive deep into comprehensive data reports to gain valuable insights into attendee behavior and session performance

Streamlined Management

Simplify the process of managing CE credits for events, saving time and effort for organizers

Learner Engagement

Encourage attendee participation by offering CE credits, resulting in higher engagement levels throughout the event

Professional Development

Provide attendees with tangible proof of their learning achievements, enhancing their professional development opportunities

Enhanced Reputation

Position your organization as a leader in professional education by offering accredited CE credits through a trusted platform

Data-Driven Insights

Gain valuable insights into attendee behavior and session popularity through generating comprehensive data reports, informing future event planning decisions

Improved Satisfaction

Deliver a more valuable and rewarding event experience for attendees, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty

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