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Boost donations and make a difference with PheedLoop’s built-in fundraising solutions, designed to maximize impact every step of the way.
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Manage DonationS

Multiple Ways to Raise Funds and Manage Donations

Raising funds at events is hard, but PheedLoop simplifies the process across all event formats—be it in-person, virtual, or hybrid.

Gather donations with our intuitive built-in collection and management tools. Keep track of contributors with an inspiring list of donors, fostering a sense of community and generosity
Tailor messages for attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors to convey targeted communications, enhancing engagement and support
Leverage our in-app marketplace and purchasing tools to run auctions, sell drink tickets, and more
Combine fundraising tickets with PheedLoop's registration flow
HybRId Fundraisers

Reach Wider Audiences and More Donors by Running Hybrid Fundraisers

If there's one thing we discovered in recent times, it's that fundraising events that take advantage of all mediums of event delivery do the best! Leverage PheedLoop to access several features that help you unify your in-person and virtual attendees.

PheedLoop offers features for seamless integration of in-person and virtual attendees, facilitating networking, content delivery, fundraising, and more
Hybrid and virtual events in PheedLoop are as powerful as in-person gatherings, enabling you to effectively reach mass audiences and expand your reach

One-Stop-Shop to Manage All Fundraising Stakeholders

Charity fundraisers are amazing and inspiring events, but they still require intensive behind-the-scenes event management. So, let us do the heavy-lifting for you!
Manage speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and more as a team with our intuitive event dashboard
Add a touch of fun to your fundraiser by including features like gamification, matchmaking, and more
Streamline every step of your event starting from registration and websites to analytics and sponsorship!
Modernize your event

Strong On Its Own.
A Powerhouse When Combined.

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Panoramic Virtual Event Portal

PheedLoop's Virtual Event Portal enhances audience engagement with tools such as gamification, real-time chat, surveys, and more.
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Customizable Event Website

A highly customizable event website with embeddable widgets, tailored designs, pre-built section templates, full CSS and Javascript support.
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User-Friendly Mobile Event App

The PheedLoop Go! Mobile App is the solution for all your event app needs. It goes beyond the basics and syncs all your data in real-time.

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More than 4,000 organizations, including Shopify, IBM, Microsoft, and NASA, have adopted PheedLoop to take their events to new heights.

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