Exciting Update: Multi-Round Proposal Reviews Are Now Available for PheedLoop’s Call for Abstracts Module
June 19, 2024

At PheedLoop, we’re constantly gathering feedback from our customers to drive improvements to our platform. This commitment to actively seeking and acting on community feedback has cemented our position as one of the fastest-moving technology companies in the industry! One common challenge our users reported surrounded our Call for Abstracts review process, which was limited to a single round. Event planners frequently reached out to us, requesting the ability to conduct multiple rounds of reviews. In response to this feedback, we’re excited to introduce the Multi-Round Proposals Review feature in PheedLoop’s Call for Abstracts module. 

With this new addition, event organizers can now conduct multiple rounds of reviews, making it an ideal solution for organizations that require a more rigorous and customized review process for their abstract management process. Plus, event planners can create a tailored proposal review approach that aligns perfectly with the specific needs and goals of their events.

Let’s explore how PheedLoop’s Multi-Round Proposals Review feature can bring your event planning to the next level when reviewing proposal submissions!

Creating Unlimited Extra Review Rounds for Proposals

The new Multi-Round Proposals Review feature empowers event planners to create as many additional review rounds as needed. This flexibility enables event planners to create a clear and organized workflow that is tailored to their unique event needs. One way we see event planners could leverage this feature is by setting specific criteria that each proposal has to meet to progress between rounds. This structured approach allows for a more comprehensive evaluation process and ensures that only the highest quality proposals are selected for your event. 

Another key advantage that event planners can expect from using this feature is eliminating potential conflicts and mistakes from the get-go! By creating more steps in the reviewing stage, event planners can ensure the review process goes in-depth to cover all the relevant details and is on track, eliminating schedule or content conflicts between each proposal. 

Advancing Proposals to the Next Stage of Reviews

Aside from creating multiple review rounds, the Multi-Round Proposals Review feature enables event organizers to manually bulk edit and move proposals to the next stage of reviews. This new approach significantly reduces the time and effort needed to review and approve proposals, allowing them to streamline their workflow and focus on delivering a high-quality event.

Plus, this new feature allows different reviewers to be assigned to specific rounds or criteria, distributing the workload effectively among the team. By designating a certain member of their team for each round, event planners can leverage the expertise of their team in a certain round ensuring that a wide range of perspectives is considered, leading to more balanced and well-rounded decisions. 

The ability to advance proposals through multiple stages of reviews makes the overall process more dynamic and adaptable to the unique requirements of each event.

Capturing All Feedback from Reviews in Real Time

Effective communication between all team members is key when planning an event. That’s why the Multi-Round Proposals Review feature centralizes communications about proposal reviews within one platform, ensuring that all reviewers are informed throughout the entire review process. 

Now, reviewers can leave comments and feedback in real-time, promoting collaboration and facilitating quicker decision-making. Plus, this helps program chairs monitor the progress of each proposal through various review stages much more efficiently, ensuring that no submission falls through the cracks. This enhancement in team communication and collaboration ultimately leads to a more efficient and effective review process.

Wrap Up

The introduction of the Multi-Round Proposals Review feature in PheedLoop’s Call for Abstracts module marks a significant advancement for event organizers. This feature not only meets the demands of our customers but also enhances the flexibility and thoroughness of the proposal review process. Whether you need to create multiple review rounds, advance proposals through various stages, or capture real-time feedback, PheedLoop’s Call for Abstracts module now provides the tools to streamline and optimize your event planning efforts. Embrace this new feature and take your event planning to the next level with PheedLoop!

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