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June 23, 2022
Product Updates

Interactive Seat Planner 2.0 (New & Improved)!

Interactive Seat Planner 2.0 (New & Improved)!

While we can all agree the recent pandemic has shaken things up for the Meetings and Events industry, I’m sure many of us are eager to get back to in-person and onsite events for some much needed face-to-face interaction. And with the return of onsite events, what better a time than now to be announcing our newly-improved interactive Seat Planner

Over the past couple months, our engineering team has been hard at work adding tweaks to current products and features on the platform, while working hard on releasing new products and updates that we can’t wait to share with you all! The Seat Planner happens to be one of the biggest product refreshments that we are excited to be announcing this quarter. If you’ve run a large-scale event before, you know how stressful it can be having to manage the logistics behind a seat map for a large gala or dinner.

Sure to be a game changer, PheedLoop’s Seat Planner makes the entire seat planning process digital, super fast, simple and automated to help you take your award shows, banquets and galas to the next level. Almost no other platform out there has anything quite like our interactive, built-in Seat Planner.

While other platforms rely on third-party integrations, PheedLoop’s Seat Planner is built right into the dashboard, so you have everything you need all in one place to run a seamless event!

What is it?

The Seat Planner tells attendees exactly where they’re supposed to be sitting so you don’t have to! Save time, money, and energy by never having to worry about handing out a physical copy of your seat plan to attendees ever again. PheedLoop’s Seat Planner comes with its very own Seat Plan Builder (not to be confused with our Floor Plan Builder), which has an unlimited number of customizable options, including but not limited to: 

  • Create as many seat plans as you want
  • Add, remove and block as many seats and tables as you want 
  • Get real-time visual cues eg. which seats and tables are getting booked
  • Synced with PheedLoop OnSight to instantly pull up seating information via the PheedLoop Go mobile app
  • DIY drag-and-drop custom graphics
  • Branded themes for promoting sponsors 
  • Fully built-in functionality for the web 
  • Synced in real-time to reflect last minute changes 
  • Restrict access to certain seats/tables for different attendees
  • You have full control, and we’re here to offer support whenever you need it

And like every other product on the PheedLoop platform, you have access to detailed reports and analytics for your Seat Plan as your event is taking place. You can get instant reporting on who is checked in, who is supposed to be sitting where, how many seats or tables are blocked off, how many seats are still available, etc. You can even send out notifications to alert attendees exactly where they’re supposed to sit with specific instructions. 

How it Works 

With PheedLoop’s Seat Planner, you as the event admin have the option to assign seats or invite attendees to select their own seats directly from the Attendee Portal. There are dedicated portals for event admins and attendees, and admins can choose whether or not attendees will be able to select their own seats after purchasing a ticket during registration. When an attendee purchases a ticket that is allocated to a specific section of seats or tables by the event admin, they can go into their Attendee Portal and have the option to select any seat in that specific section based on availability. 

Simply link to the Attendee Portal in your Confirmation Message during Ticket Registration, and your attendees will automatically receive an invite to their own Attendee Portal through an email. In the Attendee Portal, there is a tab for Seat Selection Portal, where attendees are able to manage their own seat selection instead of leaving it up to the event planner. The event admin can also enable Dietary Restrictions for attendees, where attendees have the option to indicate their meal preferences, which will then show up once their badges are scanned during check-in. This makes it easier for the event organizers to build seat plans according to peoples’ dietary preferences, if they wish to do so. 


Pricing for the Seat Planner is going to be a flat fee of $950 per event (which includes unlimited seat plans), plus a per user fee depending on the number of registrants attending your event. Since this is such a sought-after and rare feature, we are pricing it as an event power up, combined with separate modules.

We’re thrilled to be one of the only platforms on the market that offers such a comprehensive all-in-one solution. Event planners have faced countless challenges for far too long trying to duct tape together multiple platforms and spend way more than necessary while doing so. PheedLoop comes to the rescue again with its ever growing suite of native software and hardware solutions!

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