Level Up Your Event Experience With PheedLoop Go!’s New Gamification Page Layout
July 3, 2024

At PheedLoop, we always strive to enhance the event experience for our users, and our Gamification module has been a standout feature on our mobile event app, PheedLoop Go! This module has consistently been one of the most engaging and sought-after features among our customers. That's why we've taken steps to update the Gamification page to empower our users even further. As part of our rebranding efforts, we're committed to providing a seamless and future-focused navigation experience. Our reimagined layout is designed to offer a more user-friendly, modern, and engaging experience.

What’s New in the Gamification Page Layout?

The Evolution of Our Gamification Page Layout

Previously, PheedLoop Go!’s Gamification page layout effectively contained all the features our customers needed. It provided a productive environment for event engagement and helped many of our users achieve their event goals. However, through user feedback, we realized that the navigation could be simplified and the design modernized to better align with current trends and user expectations.

Seeking to make the best even better, we actively sought feedback from our users and conducted extensive discussions within our team. After numerous brainstorming sessions and design drafts, we came up with a redesigned layout that more effectively meets our customers’ needs and aligns with our rebranding efforts. Let’s explore the different aspects of PheedLoop Go!’s Gamification page that received a major layout upgrade!

Modern Aesthetic

The new layout features a sleek, contemporary design that aligns with our overall rebranding efforts. It’s visually appealing and reflects the innovative spirit of PheedLoop. Additionally, this design choice is consistent with improvements across our other products, providing a cohesive look and feel that users will recognize and appreciate.

When landing on our refreshed Gamification page, users will be able to see we've updated the icons to be more modern and visually appealing, ensuring they are easily recognizable and intuitive. Different colors are used to create a visual hierarchy on the Leaderboard page, making it easy for users to quickly identify their ranking and understand their progress. We've also added numbers to the ranking system, providing a clear and immediate sense of where each participant stands.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigating the Gamification page is now simpler than ever. We’ve reorganized the pages to enhance usability and provide users with clear feedback on their actions. For example, we've implemented a bottom-line indicator to let users know they've reached the end of the page, reducing any confusion about available content.

The Leaderboard page has been revamped to be more intuitive, allowing attendees to easily see where they stand in real-time. This transparency fosters a sense of competition and engagement among participants.

Additionally, the Challenges page now presents all challenges in one section, eliminating the need to click into multiple areas. This consolidation makes it easier for participants to engage with and complete challenges, streamlining their experience and encouraging continuous participation.

We've also enhanced the instructions area, making it more prominent and easy to understand. Additionally, the QR code scan button is now more visible, ensuring quick access for participants. These changes collectively contribute to a more fluid and enjoyable user experience.

Intuitive User Experience

One key focus of user experience improvement is creating a match between the system and the real world. To achieve this, we’ve added a new page called Instructions. Here, event organizers can post detailed instructions for their activities, giving attendees a clear understanding of how the system works—just like receiving instructions when playing a game in real life!

To further simplify navigation and enhance the user experience, we've prominently displayed a new QR code scan button for quick access. This feature, combined with clearer instructions, ensures participants can quickly and easily engage with the gamification elements.

Lastly, the Prizes page received a significant upgrade. We’ve combined the Raffles page with the Prizes page for better organization and streamlined navigation. We’ve also added a header that showcases the attendee’s avatar, name, and points, making it easier for attendees to track their information and redeem prizes effortlessly.

How the New Layout Enhances Your Event Experience

The updated layout significantly boosts interaction among attendees by making challenges more accessible and the leaderboard more visible. With an engaging, easy-to-navigate interface, participants are more likely to actively engage with the gamification elements of your event, driving higher levels of participation and excitement.

Furthermore, the new design simplifies navigation, ensuring attendees can effortlessly participate in challenges and track their progress. By consolidating all challenges into one section and providing a clear indication of completed tasks, we’ve streamlined the user experience. This means attendees can spend less time navigating through the app and more time enjoying and engaging with the event activities.

Plus, the configuration of the pages helps attendees stay organized and informed about the rewards they can earn, allowing them to engage more easily and actively.

Wrap Up

The new Gamification page layout on PheedLoop Go! is part of PheedLoop’s broader rebranding efforts, reflecting our commitment to a modern, innovative identity. Designed to provide a more engaging and user-friendly experience, We believe these updates will significantly enhance your event experience, making it more interactive and enjoyable for all attendees while aligning with the forward-thinking vision of PheedLoop. By integrating these updates, we aim to provide a cohesive and visually appealing experience that resonates with our users and elevates the overall event atmosphere.

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